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Claude Monet : Poppies, 1873 Claude Monet : Woman in the garden, 1867

Claude Monet : The houses of Parliament in London, 1903 Claude Monet : Parliament in London - Seagulls, 1903

Claude Monet : Water Lilies Claude Monet : White Water Lilies

Claude Monet : The Magpie Claude Monet : Régates à Argenteuil

Claude Monet : Palazzo Contarini, Venezia, 1908 Claude Monet : Impression, Rising sun, 1873

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Claude Monet (1840-1926 - France)

More cultural and artistic informations about the painter

* * *

Main works :

Impression rising sun, The Bridge of Giverny, Poppies, White water lilies, The Cathedrals of Rouen.

Artistic movement :

Impressionism : the painting "Impression rising sun" gave its name to the movement).

Inspiration, influence :

Claude Monet met Eugène Boudin very early and made with him his first pictorial steps. Then Delacroix marked one of the stages of his pictorial evolution. Finally William Turner met during a journey in London, is the last milestone which leads him to the Impressionism.

His contemporaries :

Renoir, Monet, Pissaro, Sisley and Bazille, the other impressionists... Octave Mirbeau, The writer, who participated in the recognition of the painter through its texts and obviously Paul Durand-Ruel, the Art dealer, who had a determining importance in Claude Monet's career.

To keep in mind :

Monet is, with Renoir, the great painter of the Impressionism. He knew how to learn during all his life. The series he made, until being completely satisfied, explain his extreme mastery.

To go further :

Claude Monet is the main inspiration of Emile Zola's novel "L'Oeuvre".

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