Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt postcards (n°1)

Hugo Pratt - Corto Maltese postcards

- 10 Postcards 14 x 14 cm with envelopes

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Corto Maltese - Hugo Pratt postcards Hugo Pratt postcard : Dedicated to Corto Hugo Pratt postcard : Corto Théâtre Hugo Pratt postcard : Mauresque Hugo Pratt postcard : Banshee Hugo Pratt postcard : Nelle isole Yap Hugo Pratt postcard : Corto pour Dior Hugo Pratt postcard : Les Ethiopiques Hugo Pratt postcard : La maison dorée de Samarkand Hugo Pratt postcard : Corto Marin Hugo Pratt postcard : Cour Secrète des Arcanes Hugo Pratt, Corto Maltese Envelope

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Hugo Pratt (1927-1995 Italy)

More cultural and artistic informations about the comic book artist

* * *

Main works :

Corto Maltese (12 comic books)

Artistic movement :

Comic book artist and brilliant watercolorist

Inspiration, influence :

American Comic strips such as "Terry and the Pirates" (major work of the 9th art) signed by the cartoonist Milton Caniff.

His contemporaries :

Lonely in his route, his influence is not limited to the domain of the comic strip. He could be the Alexandre Dumas of our century.

To keep in mind :

Adventurous, he created in comic books his alter ego.