Milo Manara canvas Art print, Indian II

Milo Manara Canvas Print
"Indian II"

Limited edition , numbered out of 77
Canvas print wrapped around a wooden frame (stretcher bars)
Ready to hang on the wall
Dimensions : 90 x 30 cm (11.8" x 35.4")

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169.00 €

Milo Manara canvas Art print, Indian II Milo Manara canvas Art print, Indian II 90 x 30 cm

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Milo Manara (1945 Italy)

More cultural and artistic informations about the artist

* * *

Main works :

Le Déclic, Voyage à Tulum (with Felini), Un été Indien (with Pratt), Borgia (with Jodorowsky)

Artistic movements :

Erotic cartoonist

Inspiration, influence :

Fascinated by the drawing, by the sculpture and by the architecture, he finds his vocation by discovering "Barbarella" by Forest and "Jodelle" by Peellaert.

His contemporaries :

Completely in his time, he sees frequently many of his comiocs contemporaries, collaborates, experiments, invests himself into collective works. Milo Manara likes sharing !

To keep in mind :

He made of a minor and slandered genre, his vocation and gave it its nobility ! His pencil stroke, very classic and of a formal great beauty, is for many.

To go further :

To adapt in movie the work of Manara was not an easy thing ... "Le Déclic", in movie, is unfortunately far from finding this unique atmosphere which Manara conferred in the comics work !