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Enki Bilal T-shirt : La Foire aux Immortels (Kaki)

Enki BILAL T-shirt "La Foire aux Immortels" - Kaki

The Enki Bilal T-shirts are printed with true serigraph technic (not transfer) 100% cotton 205gr/m.

Color : CAKI

Size Chest measurement (cm) Length measurement (cm)
S 97 69.5
M 107 72
L 112 74.5
XL 122 77
XXL 132 78.5

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Enki Bilal T-shirt : La Foire aux Immortels (Kaki) Enki Bilal T-shirt  : La Foire aux Immortels (Kaki)

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Enki Bilal (1951 Yugoslavia - France)

More cultural and artistic informations about the comic book artist

* * *

Main works :

Partie de Chasse, La Trilogie Nikopol, La Ttralogie du Monstre

Artistic movement :

Comic-strip and visionary artist, marked by a futurist inspiration.

Inspiration, influence :

Jean-Claude Mzires and his hero "Valrian" : The first series of science fiction.

His contemporaries :

Pierre Christin, Obviously ! The scriptwriter who accompanied his first hours of glory.

To keep in mind :

Enki Bilal brought the comics into the auction rooms, bringing the art lovers towards the comic strips.

To go further :

Enki Bilal is not only a comic book artist, he is also a filmmaker. If you have to see only one of his movies, choose "Immortel Ad Vitam".

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