Hugo Pratt serigraph on canvas - Corto Maltese, Corto pour Dior (blue)

Hugo PRATT : serigraph on canvas
"Corto pour Dior (blue)"

Ready to hang
Traditional french serigraph on raw linen.
Measurements of the linen canvas : 75 x 105 cm
Because of the traditional, non automated, realization,
the measurements are approximate and are given for information only.
Some variations can exist from a model to an other
These panels are composed of materials of French origin and of the European union origin
They are delivered in a serigraph linen bag canvas
This product is realised with the license (c) Cong SA

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Corto Maltese serigraph on canvas, Corto pour Dior (blue) Corto Maltese serigraph on linen bag, Corto pour Dior (blue)

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Hugo Pratt (1927-1995 Italy)

More cultural and artistic informations about the comic book artist

* * *

Main works :

Corto Maltese (12 comic books)

Artistic movement :

Comic book artist and brilliant watercolorist

Inspiration, influence :

American Comic strips such as "Terry and the Pirates" (major work of the 9th art) signed by the cartoonist Milton Caniff.

His contemporaries :

Lonely in his route, his influence is not limited to the domain of the comic strip. He could be the Alexandre Dumas of our century.

To keep in mind :

Adventurous, he created in comic books his alter ego.