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Joan Miro original lithograph : Original Lithograph XII (1975)

Joan MIRO Lithograph
"Original Lithograph XII (1975)"

Original lithograph of 1975 on vellum ragpaper
Origin : belongs to the very rare serie that become unfindable of 12 original lithographs
especially carried out by Joan MIRO in 1975 for the portfolio
"Lithograph Volume II" published by Léon Amiel Publisher, New York
Reference n° 1036 in the catalogue raisonné "Joan Miro Lithograph" of Fernand Mourlot
Dimensions : 25 x 32 cm (9.8 x 12.6 inches)

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Joan Miro (1893-1983 Spain)

More cultural and artistic informations about the painter

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Main works :

"The farm (1921)", "The Harlequin's Carnival (1925)", "Constellations (1939-1941)", "Woman, Bird and Star (1942)"

Artistic movements :

Surrealism and abstract.

Inspiration, influence :

Dadaism, cubism and fauvism. But also his native land, Catalonia and its landscapes which marked profoundly the child and the young man.

His contemporaries :

The Surrealists, even if belonging to the movement, he didn't really followed the directives of this one. But he frequented them, adorning himself most of the time with the silence as with a shield... Moreover the surrealists often laughed him about his naivety, his taste for the childhood, his mechanisms of a simple and personal answer to the art. Joan Miro frequented all intellectual Paris, but he remained Joan Miro, and kept his personal and exceptional poetry.

To keep in mind :

Joan Miro is unique by the link which he created between painting and writing. Concerning his "barest" period, Joan Miro's work is a written expression, almost a new calligraphy.

To go further :

Joan Miro, from the 60s, is going to confront himself with the gigantic sizes. Sculptures, but also walls of ceramic (often realized with the Artigas - father and son) come to enrich the first language of his painting, while weaving obvious links with this one.