Gustav Klimt Silver dangle earrings : Volutes (Silver)

Gustav Klimt Silver dangle earrings : Volutes (Silver) Gustav Klimt dangle earrings : Volutes (Silver) (velvet purse)

Gustav Klimt Silver dangle earrings

925 sterling silver dangle earrings, rhodium plated (for resistance to corrosion and tarnish).

L : 1.8 cm
H : 5.5 cm

This jewel is delivered in its beautiful jewellery pouch : pearl gray satin and black velvet .

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Gutav Klimt (1862-1918 Austria)
More cultural and artistic informations about the painter

* * *

Main works :

The kiss, The Tree of life, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, The Beethovenfries

Artistic movements :

Art Nouveau and Vienna Secession.

Inspiration, influence :

Byzantine art and the Art Deco gold accent

His contemporaries :

All the revival of the German and Viennese art. Schiele, Kokoshka, Klee, as well as all those who contributed to the birth of the Expressionism.

To keep in mind :

Remarkable by the way he changed the world of the painting, Gustav Klimt is one of the main representatives of the Modern Art.

To go further :

Two movies speak about the artist and about his work : "Klimt" of Raul Ruiz in 2005 and "Woman in Gold" of Simon Curtis 2015.