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Jean-Claude Götting (1963 France)

More cultural and artistic informations about the artist

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Main works :

"Cręve Coeur" et "La Malle Sanderson", as well as of numerous illustrations for the publishing and the press.

Artistic movements :


Inspiration, influence :

We can't ignore the influence of Kokoschka in the Götting's work ! But also Melville's cinema and photos of Werner Bischof and more generally the images of the humanist photography.

His contemporaries :

We can find filiations with Jacques de Loustal (with whom he collaborates regularly), but also doubtless, with François Avril, for this way of rethinking the space and of absolving the comics's rules.

To keep in mind :

His thick, black, strong line, to which he adds powerful greys, sooty, as just taken from Fritz Lang's dream. This is precisely this black, this reinvented density which is the characteristic of Götting.

To go further :

Including in colors, Götting is immediately recognizable. He explores the drawing as a sower of ideas, of sensations, leaving here and there the memory of his passage, his understanding of the moment, of the space. Strongly connoted to the 50s, his drawing borrowed to the first years of Bernard Buffet's work...