Vincent VAN GOGH porcelain bowl : "Almond Tree"

Goebel - Artis Orbis

Porcelain bowl, gold decoration
L : 24 cm, l : 24 cm, P : 6 cm
We recommended to wash by hand with a mild cleanser
to preserve the brilliant colours and gold decor
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85 €

Vincent Van Gogh Porcelain bowl : Almond Tree, Goebel

Vincent Van Gogh Porcelain bowl : Almond Tree, Goebel (detail 1)  Vincent Van Gogh Porcelain bowl : Almond Tree, Goebel (detail 2)  Vincent Van Gogh Porcelain bowl : Almond Tree, Goebel (detail 3)  Coupes en porcelaine Vincent Van Gogh : Almond Tree, (detail 4) 

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Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890 Netherlands)

More cultural and artistic informations about the painter

* * *

Main works :

Iris, Sunflowers, Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles at Night, Self-portrait, Vincent's bedroom in Arles, The Starry night.

Artistic movement :

Post-Impressionism. Vincent Van Gogh prefigures the Fauvism.

Inspiration, influence :

Millet and Delacroix, for the composition and the naturalism. Anton Mauve who was his master for the technique and Hiroshige for the approach of the painter regarding the nature...

His contemporaries :

He shares the post impressionnism period with Cézane or Gauguin, then he shares the pre-expressionistic period with Munch or Ensor. Each of these artists making in his own way, the transition between the visual impressions (Monet or Renoir) and the expressions of felt (Schiele ou Kokoschka).

To keep in mind :

Vincent van Gogh is one of the essential links of the evolution of the art, but it will be necessary to wait for the historians to establish this fact. His contemporaries almost totally missed the Van Gogh revolution.

To go further :

If the role of Théo Van Gogh, the brother of Vincent, is very well known, the one of his widow Johanna Bonger (since Théo died one year after Vincent), is much less known. She effectiveley the first exhibitions, in Netherland (from 1898) and so succeeded in making recognize the work of her brother-in-law, publishing also the letters of Vincent... She greatly participated in Vincent's legend.

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