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Edgar Degas (1834-1917 France)

More cultural and artistic informations about the painter

* * *

Main works :

The "Dancers" with the famous "Little Fourteen Years Old Dancer", "Nudes" going out of the bath in the tradition of the Odalisques, and "the Absinthe".

Artistic movements :

Impressionism going sometimes to the hyper-realism.

Inspiration, influence :

Ingres for the drawing, the classicism and Delacroix for the painting. His influence on the American painting is very important, in particular on Edward Hopper's painting.

His contemporaries :

The Impressionists, but also the artists of his time, as Zola or Berthe Morisot.... Tireless conversationalist (with an acrid humor), he loved the company and to discuss with his contemporaries...

To keep in mind :

Edgar Degas is a painter who, somehow, made the link between painting and photography. As Caillebotte (and his famous "Floor Scrapers") he plays so well with the hyper-realism ("A Cotton Office in New Orleans (1873)") while working on tight centrings, with strong foregrounds, that he so succeeds in extracting of the classicism.

To go further :

Master of the drawing, in the purest tradition of Ingres, many people see in Edgar Degas a moralist bourgeois, coming from the narrowest classicism... Nevertheless, can't we the modernity of the painter in his "revolutionary" centrings (the swimmers, the horses) free to impose his version, his vision.

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