François Schuiten signed Art print, La Type 12 en montagne

François Schuiten Pigment Print
"La Type 12 en montagne"

Signed Fine Art Pigment Print numbered out of 30
Pigmentary inks on a heavyweight vellum ragpaper 307g/m².
Dimensions of the print : 70 x 100 cm (27.6" x 39.4")

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François Schuiten (1956 Belgium)

More cultural and artistic informations about the comic book artist

* * *

Main works :

"Les Cités obscures" and "La Douce".

Artistic movement :

Comic-strip artist is very influenced by the architecture and the Art deco.

Inspiration, influence :

Horta, a Belgian Art Nouveau architect and Le Piranèse, italian engraver and architect of the XVIIIth century.

His contemporaries :

His friend and collaborator Benoit Peeters, as well as his brother Luc Schuiten, architect and scriptwriter of "Terres Creuses".

To keep in mind :

His global vision, intrinsic poetry, fascination for machines, and his love for the photography.

To go further :

He designed the decoration of the subway station "Arts et Métiers" on the Line 11, in Paris.