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Keith Haring poster print, Untitled, 1983

Keith HARING Print
"Untitled, 1983"

Reproduction in Fine Art print on a heavyweight satin finished Art paper.
Dimensions : 50 x 50 cm (19.7" x 19.7")

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Keith HARING (1958-1990 United States)

More cultural and artistic informations about the artist

* * *

Main works :

"Dance", "Retrospect", "Pop Shop", and the whole series on babies, including "Radiant Baby".

Artistic movements :

Pop Art, Graffiti, Urban Art.

Inspiration, influence :

Jean Dubuffet (for childish and round forms), Pierre Alechinsky (for the division of space), Brion Gysin (for the repetition of forms, their accumulation) and Robert Henri (painter and teacher, author of "The Art Spirit", a manifesto that exposes an artistic philosophy based on how to break down an image to make it more quickly eloquent).

His contemporaries :

Basquiat, the companion of the explosion of youth in painting! But also the French, Boisrond, Combas or Di Rosa, with whom he shared several exhibitions, including the famous "Figuration Libre, 5/5 France/USA". But also Andy Warhol, his mentor, Madonna or Grace Jones, Timothy Leary or William S.Burroughs, intellectuals, underground artists and all those who made New York move in the 80s.

To keep in mind :

For Haring, recognition came from the first personal exhibition in 1982. His style is immediately recognized and has a lasting impact on the spectators. His painting (his figures) become his signature, just like the joy that inhabits his work. His work force is also one of the keys to his recognition.

To go further :

Haring was a revolutionary and a visionary. Because not only did his art renew Pop Art, but his way of conceiving its diffusion was also avant-garde. In 1986, on Lafayette Street, in SoHo, he opened his own store: the Pop Shop ! Art was popular for Warhol, the inventor of Pop Art, with Haring, it also becomes accessible to all, and not just to the wealthy. Haring declines his art in publishing posters, but also t-shirts. He will be seen, he will be worn, the art he created first in the street goes back there!

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